You will want to get the most from your walking or trekking holiday, ensure you arrive at your destination hike fit. Whether your holiday involves single location, refuge to refuge travel or multi day camping it is important that you prepare well.

Before you go:
Fitness, in order to get the most out of your trip being hike fit is essential. Regular hiking or hill walking will be very beneficial. Building up hiking strength before you go, will take time, but will make your days abroad easier. Consider making a pre-holiday walking planner and aim to hike at regular, weekly, intervals.

Where you go:
Whether this your first time in the Alps or if you are taking on Mt Elbrus as a charity challenge. You will want as much local knowledge as possible. Internet blogs can provide a wealth of information also consider joining a walking club, as you will often find people here who have the specific experience.

Clothing & Equipment:
Consider testing your clothing on a long walk, this can help to identify any minor discomforts and save you the trouble of having to source clothing abroad. Be sure to try out your boots on the hills before you travel again this can identify problems with footwear / sock combinations. Also feet tend to overheat in warmer climates, be sure to inform your shop assistant of your intended plans aiding a more informed boot selection.

Camping involves carrying the extra weight of the tent, sleeping bag and cooking kit. The campers are usually the slowest on route and to make long distances stamina is required, practice hiking with your full kit. If planning on wild camping / bivouac you will need to ensure that it is permitted, for example “free” camping is completely forbidden in Switzerland! Another issue I run into frequently is obtaining Gas canisters, do your research here find out if there is a stockist for these where you are going and if that shop will be open on the day you get there. (in Modane, France last year the only outdoor shop closed on a Monday – the day we arrived!)

Weather Conditions:
It is Vital you receive up to date weather information, check before you venture up onto higher or exposed ground. Do not venture onto the mountains in a storm.

The above is just a snippet of what will be explored and explained on any of our courses. If you are planning a trip abroad consider a Mountain Skills Course. Or if you are part of a group we can organise a training day specific to your needs. Please contact us for more information.