As long time members of The Irish Ramblers, The Wayfarers and The Irish Mountaineering Club we know a lot about club training. The Mountain Skills (MS) syllabus provides club members with a great basis in mountain training. Not only is the MS the starting point to the Mountain Leader program but it also encourages participants to be more active and involved with club hikes. While Mountain Skills are personal skills, participants who complete the courses are more confident and more likely to begin to lead club hikes. We would recommend participants take both MS1 and MS2 however experienced club members should get in touch with us to discuss their requirements. Some Clubs could be entitled to a training grant from Mountaineering Ireland, more details here PDF.

Mountain Skills 1: Course includes map-reading and simple navigation techniques, recognition of natural features, distance measurement and timing of walks. Mountain hazards are also covered, as is personal equipment such as correct clothing and emergency equipment. Please follow the link to the full syllabus here

Mountain Skills 2: Course builds on MS1. It covers the use of a compass, route planning and the preparation of route cards, night navigation, scrambling, mountain rescue and emergency procedures. Please follow the link to the full syllabus here

Mountain Skills 1 and Mountain Skills 2 are generally run over two day periods and comprise a mixture of indoor informal lectures/discussions and outdoor practical sessions. The ratio for MS1 and MS2 is one instructor to six candidates.

These Courses are private, based in the Wicklow or the Dublin mountains and must be pre booked.
We can organise mid week courses to suit your requirements.


Hill Walking Club on steep ground
Hill Walking Club on steep ground

Club Training Grants.
Mountaineering Ireland Training Grants are mainly aimed at clubs, but also open to individual members. The grant supports participation in BOS training schemes (Lowland Leader, Mountain Skills, Walking Group Leader, Mountain Leader, Single Pitch Award, Multi-Pitch Award, etc). The maximum grant is €250 per club in any one year.

Preference will be given to:
Clubs that have not previously received a Training Grant
New clubs
Training that brings leadership and new skills into a club
Members that volunteer in youth projects
Clubs with a high proportion of young members
Clubs with a larger number of people participating in training
Clubs that could not otherwise afford such training.

Who gets grant approval?
All applications will be reviewed by Mountaineering Ireland’s training sub-committee, Bord Oiliúint Sléibhe (BOS). We at Mountain Leaders can assist you with your grant applications.
Call us on 087 6289660 for further information.